The Tantric Way Series

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3 Cycles | 21 Days

Designed and led by expert facilitator Gaia Ma

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What Is The Tantric Way Series?

The Tantric Way Process is an intimate and powerful journey of body, heart, and soul level work that combines timeless tantric wisdom and modern tools to support personal and spiritual development. The process is designed to awaken your life force energy and clear a path to love, freedom, and service. 

Open to Intimacy

Transform your relationship to life. Step into a container where you feel safe and empowered to strip off conditioned layers and reveal the essence of who you are. Grow in your ability to cultivate intimacy with yourself, your lovers, colleagues, and friends.  

Heal Old Wounds

Shift self-limiting beliefs and release emotional baggage stored in the body. to liberate life force energy.  Tap into this new-found spring of energy to awaken intuition and inner guidance. Build the self-confidence you need to live your highest potential and open to the magic of manifesting your life.

Activate Presence

Increase self-awareness and realize the vision of tantra to weave together the individual and the universal self. Cultivate a moment-to-moment way of being, stepping into true freedom to become a puppet on spirits’ string.

The Tantric Way Combines:

  • Self-Inquiry
  • Breathwork
  • Meditation
  • Transformational Process Work
  • Systemic Constellation
  • Dance & Movement Medicine
  • Sexual Healing
  • Massage & HealingTouch
  • Conscious Communication skills
  • Ritual and Magic

A transformational journey through 3 cycles

The Tantric Way Tulum with Gaia Ma

Self & Source

L E A R N  M O R E

Lover & Beloved

Community & Collective Consciousness



Transformational Facilitator Training

(4 Comprehensive Modules in 1 Month)

Dates: March 8 - April 8, 2023
Location: Ayla Retreat Center, San Juanillo, Costa Rica


The Tantric Way Series

Dates: SUMMER 2023
Location: TBA