Land & Building Manager

Project Maintenance & Regenerative Development

Ometepe, Nicaragua



We are seeking a Regenerative Land & Buildings Manager to work in collaboration with the owner to facilitate new and ongoing projects, lead building and maintenance teams and manage logistics.

This is a 1 year full time commitment for someone who interested in being the steward of a regenerative land management vision. Working days are generally Monday - Friday, although there is some flexibility. You will be part of a team that is on call to troubleshoot emergencies at other times. Agreement includes 4 weeks of holiday to be used between March 1 - August 1.

The person in this role will manage the land associated with three projects with varying degrees of development and priority: InanItah Fire Season, Kali Land & Amrita Springs, all on the Maderas Volcano of Ometepe Island, in Nicaragua.

From August 15 - February 15th the Land & Building Manager will be a member of the InanItah Fire Season Space Holder Team. InanItah Fire Season is a vibrant community for personal growth and development in which community members are invited to be themselves, and an education center for living in harmony with the earth. We are a place where community members practice healthy living and new ways to be in conscious relationships with nature, others, and themselves. 

The InanItah Fire Season vision is to be a model for regenerative living. The Land & Building Manager is the holder of this vision and its guidelines. Some examples of how we live our vision in terms of land and building management: we purchase exclusively island grown produce, we use and plant regenerative building materials, and we refraining from using cement.


  • Become part of a vibrant international community of people who gather to experience regenerative living on both personal and planetary levels
  • Gain experience in community land and building management in in the context of permaculture and regenerative living
  • Work closely with the local Nicaraguan community and learn about the local culture
  • Learn about traditional and new paradigm local building and planting techniques
  • Build your own side business by offering culinary workshops and food products
  • Live in a stunning natural environment on the tropical volcanic island of Ometepe
  • Participate in daily yoga and meditation classes, workshops of all kinds, and weekly cacao celebrations during the InanItah Fire Season.
  • Receive one-on-one mentorship with community founder and transformational facilitator, Gaia


  • Strong ecological values
  • Strong passion for permaculture ethics of earth care, people care and resource share
  • Interest in Natural Living, Natural Building, Permaculture, Organic & Syntropic Gardening, Agroforestry , Consumption Reduction, Education
  • Dedicated spirit and a strong work ethic
  • Passion for naturally grown, local foods
  • Leadership and team building skills
  • Ability to uphold boundaries and hold others accountable
  • Language requirements: Capacity to manage relationships with local stakeholders in English & Spanish. Negotiating with and managing both local and expat populations.
  • You will be expected to work 25 - 30 hours each week, and most importantly be responsible for the land and buildings of the relevant properties. (Responsibilities are defined below)
  • Participate in the all members community contributions board of InanItah Fire Season when relevant.
  • Attend volunteer logistics meetings Monday - Friday and one weekly community sharing circle that we call the Transparency Circle.
  • Some capacity to communicate in both Spanish & English

(must have previous experience in some, but not all mentioned below)

  • Outdoor and off-the-grid living
  • Project management
  • Experience in natural building: timber, adobe, bamboo
  • Permacluture systems design and implementation
  • Solar voltaic systems
  • Wifi systems management
  • Water Systems & Irrigation
  • Volunteer coordination & Employee Management
  • cooking with fire, and wood ovens


Hold the Land & Building Vision

  • Maintain an overview and steward the maintenance and development of approximately 50 acres of land, infrastructural and multiple natural buildings
  • Understand and explain the InanItah Fire Season land and building management vision and how it forms the foundation of our building style
  • Apply land and building guidelines relative to maintenance and new building and planting projects.
  • Onboard new arrivals to relevant local systems such as the solar voltaic, internet, compost and toilet systems.
  • Provide land and building orientations and education to new volunteers of the InanItah Fire Season & Kali Land.
  • Encourage and empower employees and community members to use what is available in the InanItah Fire Season & Kali Land gardens.
  • Work with Kitchen Lead to make sure we are maximizing harvests and farm fresh ingredients

Manage Land & Building Maintenance & Development

  • Maintain a list of land based projects, working with Gaia to prioritize and schedule different projects
  • Ensure that buildings and grounds kept clean and well maintained and are appropriately supplied with natural resources
  • Purchase building materials. various local farmers and businesses and educated about where to buy locally grown food on the island
  • Manage Inventory of tools & garden sheds and building materials at various locations, track these inventories at community transition times.

Be a Team Player

  • Support community members and employees in the use of the tools and garden area for community and individual use
  • Manage the land and buildings budget and track spending
  • Manage land and building team which includes 6 - 12, local part time employees
  • Network with the greater Ometepe community around issues of sustainability, and infrastructure management
  • Join the InanItah Fire Season Space Holder team supporting the overall wellness of the community
  • Communicate land and building needs to relevant parties
  • Engage visitors and volunteers in land and building projects, such as gardening, natural building, composting etc.
  • Maintain a creative spirit alive in terms of embodied project that can inspire people to get their hands in the earth


Compensation will be a combination of exchange for room and board, cash stipend and community credits that can be applied to workshops, housing upgrades and stays for you and your friends. The total value of cash and community credits will be $300 - $1250/month depending on your capacity, skills and experience. Specific details of the package will depend on your personal choices. Year end bonus based on performance and profit share. Superior credit when used for long term land use contract.


If this opportunity sounds right for you, please send a resume or a letter of interest to letting us know about your skills and experience that make you a fit for the role.  Reach out via our contact page or email us at

To learn more about InanItah Fire Season, visit


Partial Work Exchange Option

Dates: August 15, 2022 - February 15, 2023
Location: InanItah Fire Season, Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua