Tantric Breathwork Training

Dates: November 28 - December 9 2024
Location: @InanItah Fire Season | Ometepe, Nicaragua

The breath bridges body and mind. In this training you will learn ways to use the breath to resolve traumas held in body and mind awaking pathways for personal evolution and creativity. You will practice offering breath work sessions and creating healthy containers for emotional release and resolution.


The Tantric Way Series

Dates: January 7 - 27, 2024
Location: @InanItah Fire Season | Ometepe, Nicaragua

An intimate and powerful journey of body, heart, and soul level work that combines timeless Tantric wisdom and modern tools to support personal and spiritual development. The process is designed to transform your relationship to life, awaken your life force energy and clear a path to love, freedom, and service.

Eco-Spirit Community Life
InanItah Fire Season

Dates: Ongoing beginning August 15, 2023
Location: Ometepe, Nicaragua

Are you the type of person who dreams of Utopia? Do you value learning to live in harmony with the earth? Are you interested in the intersection of tantric phyylosophy and permaculture? Do you long to be immersed in nature while staying connected to the modern world? We have opportunities for you to explore, retreat, co-create, and invest.

Earth Skills Immersion

@InanItah Fire Season

Dates: Ongoing beginning October 1, 2023
Location: Ometepe, Nicaragua

  • Immerse yourself in hands-on experiences, from plant propagation to soil enrichment, natural building, regenerative systems design and so much more.
  • Elevate your knowledge by enhancing and maintaining a variety of regenerative systems on-site and at neighboring farms.